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Cedar & Fir Lumber

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Selling dimensional lumber, large timbers and Cedar components

We offer a wide array of long-length dimensional lumber in Douglas Fir, as well as Cedar timbers, brackets, corbels, door canopy kits, and lattice


Custom sawing, handcrafted cedar components, porch kits

Welco Lumber is a wholesale lumberyard and reload center specializing in inland and western red cedar and long length Doug fir dimensional lumber.  Our wood shop is able to re-saw, rip and plane material for our customers and is where we also handcraft cedar timber brackets, corbels, porch kits, and lattice.

S4S and rough cedar up to 24' lengths

We stock inland and western red cedar dimensional lumber from 1x4 to 1x12 up to 16’.  We carry 2x4 to 2x12 in S4S and rough up to 20’.  We have timbers ranging from 4x4 to 12x12 up to 24’.  We stock several types of cedar siding from 6” to 10” up to 18’.  We have tongue-and-groove cedar from 1x4 to 1x8 up to 16’ and tongue-and-groove 2x6 material in cedar and hem fir.

Porch spindles, posts and handrail components

We stock 5/4 material from 2x4 to 2x12 in S4S and rough up to 16’.  We have porch spindles and posts and other handrail components.  We have various other sizes and types of cedar material available and we are able to supply longer lengths to suit the customer’s needs.

Unusually long length dimensional Doug fir in stock

Welco also features Doug fir dimensional lumber by the unit or the board in all lengths.  Doug fir is the premium choice of many builders in the construction industry, especially in commercial applications.  We also carry Doug fir posts and various other Doug fir products.

Always in stock:

  • 2x6    -    8’ to 24’
  • 2x8    -    8’ to 28’
  • 2x10    -    8’ to 32’
  • 2x12    -    8’ to 32’