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Cedar & Fir Timbers

Cedar & Fir Lumber

The Timber Shop

Providing Cedar and Douglas Fir Lumber and Timbers to Lumber Yards

Serving Northeast Ohio and specializing in long-length Douglas Fir lumber and Western Red and Inland Cedar


Welco Lumber Co.   6282 Norwalk Road   Medina, OH  44256     3 miles West of Medina Square


Wholesale Reload Center Specializing In:

*   Cedar of all types: 

         - Cedar Timbers and Beams

         - Cedar Siding such as Lap Siding and Tongue-and-Groove Siding

         - Welco also stocks all types of cedar dimensional lumber

*   Long length dimensional Doug Fir and manufactured products 

         -  Welco always has long length dimensional Doug Fir in stock. 

         -  All types of Doug Fir are available.

Welco also features a fully-equipped wood shop to meet our customers’ needs.  We are able to re-saw cedar material leaving the material with a rough sawn texture.  Welco’s wood shop is also able to plane down material leaving it with a smooth finish.  We also have a straightline rip saw to custom cut material to suit your needs.    Welco also has a shaper and a molder to fabricate special orders.

Welco hand crafts custom cedar timber brackets, corbels, and lattice in our shop.  We also make porch roof kits, pergolas and small buildings.  We are able to transform your idea into a finished product.  Our shop personnel have over 50 combined years in the construction industry. 

Welco’s warehouse hours are Monday through Friday, 9am – 4pm. 

We do not accept credit cards.

Cedar & Fir Timbers


Welco Lumber stocks a large variety of Western Red Cedar and Doug Fir Timbers.  Timbers are available in rough or S4S.  Click Here for available sizes.

Cedar & Fir Lumber


We have in-stock cedar and Doug Fir by the board or the unit. We specialize in long-lengths of Doug Fir up to 32' - always in stock.  Click Here for available sizes.

The Timber Shop


The Timber Shop at Welco Lumber is an on-site custom wood shop where our skilled in-house carpenters hand craft all types of cedar timber architectural features per your design or our on-line catalog of designs.